Launching or refreshing a brand? i help businesses identify and clearly articulate their vision, mission, purpose, values, and brand identity through words that hit the bullseye.

Establishing and managing an active and engaged online brand presence is the linchpin of online marketing, and it’s an area that companies are most inclined to treat haphazardly.


What exactly is a brand?

Your brand goes beyond a logo. It represents your entire business, from your values and your identity to the promise you make to your customers. Ray and Arrow develops your brand so it’s consistently memorable through every line of business.

In its most concise definition, a brand is who others think you are. I like to associate your brand as your “voice”—your style, your values, and essentially, who you are. It;s amazing how many entities are endowed with smatterings of ambiguity. 

In the digital media arena, your website design, blog posts, and social media interaction all contribute to the perception of your brand identity. So it’s an exponentially undervalued component to both develop a precise, accurate portrait of your organizational or personal brand so that your harnessed brand identity is appropriately conveyed in the digital sphere. 

To carry out a compelling and effective digital marketing campaign, it is of upmost importance to inculcate your brand identity as the first stepping stone. its only From the seeds of a fundamental brand concept that your digital marketing efforts can flourish with zealous gusto and enticing appeal.